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Slavery. Our time to act?

New data is shining a light on the alarming levels of modern slavery in business today. The Global Slavery Index estimates there are 46m victims of forced labour worldwide, 58% of whom live in five countries - India, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Uzbekistan. And many of these countries are providing low cost labour for western consumers. Most companies consider modern slavery to be unacceptable but acknowledge that they can’t see beyond the 2nd or 3rd tiers of their supply chain. Higher levels of transparency and regulation are increasing the risk of ignorance, and business has to of...Read more

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Connected leadership

One of the most inspiring panels that the Crowd has put on. Three of the UK’s most articulate business leaders (Lord Browne, Sacha Romanovitch and Helena Morrissey) and a savvy tech entrepreneur (Tommy Stadlen) discuss what we mean by connected leadership with Axel Threlfall. There is an openness and honesty in this conversation that is not often seen in business. Do they represent a new generation of connected leaders, and what are they doing differently? Read more

Your Curve Insight Report

With 650 projects in the Curve, this is our first Curve Insights report. This is the first time that this volume of user-generated project data has been collected, and it emphatically supports the belief that energy management is an attractive investment class. Average paybacks for the 16 technologies is 3.6 years, a better ROI than most core business. There are multiple co-benefits to energy projects, particularly for maintenance and employee satisfaction. And encouragingly, star ratings for energy projects rise from 3.3 at assessment stage to 3.9 when live, which should give confidence. Whe... Read more

Press release: The TripAdvisor of energy management has been launched

The TripAdvisor of energy management, The Curve today represents the largest collection of user generated data of real time energy projects across sectors.  Similarly to other user generated platforms such as TripAdvisor, it collects information on energy efficiency investments and helps users to benchmark their costs in order to make better investment decision.     Jim Woods, CEO at The Crowd (the incubator behind the Curve), said “The journey began in 2014, with the question ‘How can we help to tackle the market failure in corporate energy management?&r... Read more


System Revolutionaries

On the 9th June we celebrated the ultimate in the art of change, the ability of individuals or small groups to transform the wider world around them. 250 pioneering minds met at that crucible of scientific revolution, the Royal Institution in Piccadilly, to share their experiences, and gain deeper insights into what it takes to shift a system. Our panellists had remarkable experiences of driving change. Jonathon Porritt, our host, has spent most of his career challenging the economic and political  systems and he was joined by;     Santiago Gowland, Managing Direct... Read more



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Connected leadership